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My husband and I bought our practice 3 years ago in the saturated market of North London (there are five other dental practices on our road).


It was a small NHS practice that was in a bit of a state. Our aim like most practices was to increase our private income to help move away from the NHS especially with all the uncertainty of the new contract.

An expensive refurb, 2 suction pumps and a 5k durr vistascan later, our expensive Frank Taylor valued patient base still wanted the amalgam filling over the private composite.


We wanted to change our existing patients' mindset of what dentistry can offer.

I tried posters leaflets and a tick box of additional services at the end of MH forms with limited success.  With a screen addiction to rival any other millennial I thought a practice TV would be the way to engage patients and I was right. 


After a few less engaging drafts, a lot of time and learning animation, video editing I got the formula right and we found the number of patients who were asking about the treatments advertised (we focused on Invisalign, teeth whitening and facial aesthetics) went up from 1-2 per week (NHS practice) to 2-3 per day with no other changes to our marketing.

From there, a passion was born (my computer doesn't have a sublingual gland to attack me with) and my side hustle has become a full time endeavour.



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